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Payment is only requested at the end of the course when you send us your completed answer form.  The printable answer form in your Exam Booklet as well as the online answer form have required fields for payment information.

California Tax School accepts credit/debit card payments using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Course Fee

The amount of the course fee, also known as the grading fee, depends on when you pass (and pay for) the final exam.

If you pass (and pay for) the final exam by September 26 September 30, then you will qualify for the reduced rate of $32.

Beginning on September 27 October 1, the processing fee for all test submissions will be $49.

Optional add-ons.  All passing students will receive their completion certificate by email at no extra charge.  Students who choose to receive an extra certificate by mail would pay $4.15 in addition to the course fee described above. 

Refunds Full refunds are automatically issued to students who score below 70% on the final exam of any course component (federal tax law overview, federal tax law update, ethics, or California).  Non-passing students may choose to retake the exam, which would mean submitting a revised answer form and paying the fee that is in effect on the resubmission date. Students have four opportunities to pass the same exam (original attempt plus three retakes).

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