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IRS Annual Filing Season Program

Continuing Education for CTEC and the IRS

Upon successful completion of this ONE tax course, California tax preparers will be awarded the maximum annual amount of continuing education hours not only for CTEC but also for the IRS AFSP.  That is, a currently registered tax professional would have their CTEC account credited with 20 hours and their PTIN account credited with 15 hours after completing this CTEC and IRS course.  For more information on credit hours, click here.

Enroll Now at No Cost

To get started, all we ask for is your CTEC ID number and email address. No credit card is required at the time of enrollment.

Choose Your Time and Method of Study

After enrolling, we will send you a link to a web page where you may obtain the course materials.  Course materials are available as PDF files and audio files.  Students who prefer to study with hard copies of the course materials could either print the PDF files themselves or order physical books from a professional printing service.

Once you have the course materials, study them carefully while taking the exam.  The open-book exam consists of 100 multiple-choice test questions.  There are no course timers, so you could study at your own pace.

You could mark your responses on the traditional answer form in the Exam Booklet, or you could use an online answer form that saves your test information.

Course Completion

When finished, submit your test information and grading fee by web, fax, or email.

Your test results, certificate, and credits will be issued soon after your submission.  Turnaround time ranges from 5 minutes to 24 hours, with the average being around 3 hours.  Students may request to be notified by text message when their CTEC and PTIN accounts are credited.  Digital certificates are emailed to students at no extra cost.  Students can order a hard copy of their certificate to be mailed to them (at an extra cost).

Study First, Pay Later

The $49 course fee is only requested AFTER you complete the open-book exam, so you may freely examine the entire program at no risk before beginning the course.  If you do decide to participate, take the course in the comfort of your own home or office and at your own pace. 

Pass or Get Your Money Back

95.73% of our students pass the CE program on their first attempt.  Students who do not pass one or more of the course components (federal tax law overview, federal tax law update, ethics, or California) get their money back. Non-passing students may choose to retake the exam, which would mean submitting a revised answer form and paying the applicable fee on the resubmission date. Students have four opportunities to pass the same exam (original attempt plus three retakes).

Enroll Now

Enroll now; no upfront payment or commitment is required.  


2022 CE Program released.

CTEC begins accepting registration renewals for 2022-2023. 

IRS begins accepting PTIN renewals for 2022-2023.

Last day to renew your CTEC registration at $33. We strongly recommend that you complete your CE at least one day earlier to avoid CTEC's $55 late fee.

Last day to submit final exam answers for 2022 course.