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I have not yet started my tax course.  Where do I record my test answers?


Students who have already enrolled and obtained the course materials can record or submit test answers in one of the following ways.


Login version of online answer form for multiple sessions.  This answer form displays each and every question (along with all answer options).  Students may answer as few or as many questions as they like per study session.  They can save their progress, log out, then sign in again at a later date (at which time they would resume where they left off). 


Traditional offline answer form (page 8 in the Exam Booklet).  This is the scantron-like answer form where students fill in the bubbles for their answer selections.  The traditional answer form can be delivered by fax or email.  Our fax numbers and email addresses are listed on the last page of the Exam Booklet. 


Shortened & simplified online answer form for one session.  This streamlined answer form could be useful to students who have recorded their test answers on paper (i.e., the traditional answer form), and want to transfer their information online for faster processing. No username, password, or access code is required for this simplified answer form.


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