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Can I get the course books by mail? Instead of reading electronic files on my computer screen, I would rather have hard copies of the course materials.


Course materials are always available as PDF files and audio files.  Students who prefer to study with hard copies of the course materials could either print the PDF files themselves or order physical books from a professional printing service.

We at the California Tax School do not produce or sell physical books.  After your enrollment, we'll provide you with links to online vendors who specialize in converting PDFs into physical books. If you feel more comfortable ordering books from a brick-and-mortar business in your area, consider visiting the UPS Store, Fedex Office (Kinkos), Staples, or Office Depot.  These brick-and-mortar businesses can print the course files to your custom specifications: black/white or color; single-sided copies or double-sided; bound like a book or unbound loose sheets that could be hole-punched then placed in a ring binder.


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