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If I don't pass this course, will you tell me which questions I got wrong?


Your success is very important to us (we only get paid if you pass), but CTEC Regulation CP13 strictly prohibits self-study programs from assisting non-passing students with final exam answers. In other words, we are not allowed to reveal a non-passing student's incorrect or correct answers.

Paying students who do not pass all four components of the program (federal tax law overview, federal tax law update, ethics, and California) will receive a brief email message from us indicating which components need to be retaken.

When a student passes a course component, they do not need to change their test answers for that component. Students would only study for those components that they did not pass. After a student has improved their test answers for the target components, they would resubmit all 100 answers and pay the fee that is in effect on the resubmission date.

Students have four opportunities to pass the entire course (original attempt plus three retakes).

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