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IRS Annual Filing Season Program

This Tax Course is for CTEC and the IRS (AFSP)

When will the 2024 continuing education program be available?

I didn't renew my CTEC registration for 2023-2024 by 1/16/2024. Which course do I take to update my CTEC status?

I am not yet registered as a tax preparer in California. Which course do I take to become a certified tax professional?

I don't have a CTEC identification number. Can I take the 20-hour course for IRS credit only?

Do you offer a 15-hour federal-only course?

Do you offer continuing education for Enrolled Agents (EAs)?

Do you offer continuing education for CPAs?

Do you offer this course in Spanish?

Do you offer this course in a classroom setting with a live instructor?

Payment Issues

How do I enroll or sign up for this course?

How do I pay for this tax course?

Is the $24.50 fee the total cost for the course?

What if I don't pass this course? Will I get a refund?

Beginning or Completing the Tax Course

Why is this course often referred to as a "20-hour" course? Is that a minimum or maximum time limit? Am I going to be timed while taking this course?

I have not yet started my tax course. Where do I record my test answers?

Do I have to finish reading the textbooks before beginning the final exam?

Can I get the course books by mail? Instead of reading electronic files on my computer screen, I would rather have hard copies of the course materials.

What is the "deadline" for completing the 2024 continuing education program?

After the Tax Course

After sending you my test information, how long must I wait to get my certificate, credits, and score?

If I don't pass this course, will you tell me which questions I got wrong?

How does your school report a course completion to CTEC and the IRS?

After completing the 20-hour course, does your school renew my registration for me?

Will I be able to renew my registration with CTEC before August 1?

Will I be able to renew my PTIN with the IRS before October 15?

Noneducational Requirements for Tax Preparers

Is this course all I need to qualify for CTEC registration renewal?

What is a "tax preparer bond" and where can I get one?

Do you recommend any tax software?

Contact Us (or CTEC)

What are your days and hours of operation?

My question is not on this list. Take me to CTEC's Q&A page.

My question is not on this list.  How can I contact you?

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